A chatty get ready with me – make up and hair edition!

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  1. Sesi Mashilo says:

    I can relate to you when it comes to my spiritual setbacks, but am planning to improve that and i have started on improving that.

  2. Ofentse Tsipa says:

    My 2019 Goal is to work on my friendships, I actually posted a video about that today. 2018 was fire flames for my friendships (/.) eek!

  3. Lihle Lutuka says:

    Thank you Yolz for this…My goal for 2019 is to start my own YouTube channel about my natural hair, make up and lifestyle in general {Like vlog my modeling journey, fashion shows and competitions and other events}. But I’ve been so scared lol but hopefully I will take a leap of faith sometime this year and also work towards that degree, 4th{final} year is showing me flames already

  4. Ashley Maribe says:

    You look stunning..the chat was awesome. I love hearing about God. His my best decision EVER. Goals is work hard nd hv more fun. Last year I had an infant this year i am a mother to a toddler. New levels

  5. Tebogo Mfolwe says:

    one of my goals is to start a youtube channel but im scared…

    thank you for talking about your spiritual life.. its hard i also want to be so filled… but in the morning i run to my imstagram before talkinbg to the lord… i did a phone fast for a day and i felt so revived. .may the Lord fill us with the zeal for his things and may we go back to the first love of Christ. . amen

  6. Sino K says:

    WOW Yolz. God bless you. What I message: I need to be filled first before I respond or empty myself to others. Thank you for the reminder

  7. Thapey_Thaps Maputle says:

    Thank you so much for your transparency, especially regarding your spiritual life…I pray that the zeal of the Lord be restored back to you and that a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit comes upon you in Jesus name??. Amen. I love you?❤ I don’t know you in person but I love you and your vlogs??

    Oooh, I made a Vision Board for the first time this year. Going back to school (I’m praying for a balance between Work, School, Church/Spiritual Life and My Personal Life). Oh mercy, I want to lose 20 – 30 kg this year by fire and by force in Jesus name??????

  8. Dimpho Sakala says:

    And the fact that you’re speaking about your spiritual journey is mind blowing… I can see why I had to come across your channel!… allow God you use you girl!!!❤

  9. Lebo Kuty says:

    I loveeeeeeee your final look ?. You’re so beautiful!!

    I’ve shared my goals with you ??‍♀️. I want to grow my channel and my overall brand this year❤️

    Thank you for sharing with us ?

  10. Dimpho Sakala says:

    My goals for this year is to restore my faith in God… I’ve been so lost in the world and now I’m ready to get back to myself. I wanna do better in all aspects, school, home and being the best mommy ever!

  11. Thando Mavuso says:

    Love love this video ? I have set my goals and I have a vision board my first ever vision board! One of my goals is to create a YouTube series and I’m so glad that I have already started working on it ?

  12. Sanelisiwe Mafongosi says:

    I am hoping that I will be able to balance school and work this year. Started off on a rocky note finding out that my mom won’t be able to pay for my registration this semester so I’ll only start by the second semester. So I need to push and save some money for registration. Also, I need to work on my faith this year. It is there but it needs to grow. So yah, those are my goals.

    Ps. You’re such an inspiration though. You are younger than me but I look up to you. Love you so much Yolz!

  13. Zininzi Xozwa says:

    I can relate so much because I’m that person…. on fire for the Lord. Active member of the body of Christ sold out for Christ!! And at this point in my life its God first everything else second

    My number 1 goal is consistency : spiritually emotionally financially and on my channel. I want to be consistent and intentional and so far its going well

  14. Nikiwemayedwa 021 says:

    Im gon repeat myself again , I love your videos because im forever learning thank you so much . .loved the spiritual talk , you are beautiful of all my goals the one above all else is my relationship with Christ I need him so much.

  15. mrspboledi Makanatleng says:

    The timing of this video?? I totally relate to so much you spoke about. This past year was totally challanging,so one of my goals is to renew the fire in my faith too.

  16. Thato Mofokeng says:

    I love the look wow. I just found God now recently and you advice I’m taking it with through this journey ?? ?? what is the shade of the concealer?

  17. Prayer BLACK MAN Skosana says:

    I love how you don’t follow makeup rules and at first, your face beat does not make sense but at the end…it all does and actually turns out beautiful.

  18. Nobelungu Ngobese says:

    Love the results of the cheapie pallet. I’ve set goals for the first 3 months, this year I chose to do it this way and see if it’ll work better and be more focused and driven. Some of them is to finish a children’s book I’m writing for my daughter, help hubby get his business act together, I have extensive business knowledge from mainly an accounting point of view so that, starting a small side hustle of my own, and to film more creative content for my YouTube channel. The most important to to spend this year in the essence of God, to be immersed in love.

  19. Natural efya says:

    Thank God for using you honestly, am not married yet but you mentioned something so powerful 10:08sec in your video, you mentioned the 2 different ways of being a super hero as women or as a mother. This is really teaching me on how i should prepare not only as a women but as a wife so God bless you for this big sis love from London .x

  20. Jae Louis says:

    Really love the part where you say you need God in the morning to fill you up before you can respond to others ?.. Never thought of it like that, but definitely taking it

    Funny, one of my goals is to wake up at 5 a.m and the struggle!!!

  21. Florah Mphahlele says:

    That yhuuu when you blushed your cheeks pink, LMAO . Thank you for sharing your spiritual life you spoke to me and i am touched. Thank you

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