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This is a much better video where I show how I steam my natural hair using a clothes steamer. It is a cheap way to do it. Steaming is an awesome way to hydrate your curls and give your conditioner that extra bit of kick, my hair loves it!

I wrote about all the benefits of steaming one’s hair on this blogpost: http://goo.gl/K01tdD

**However it it can be super dangerous if you are not careful! Steam can burn! Do this at your own discretion!


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  1. Natalie Smith says:

    Wow Lungi, this is a very innovative idea. I bought me this steamer about a year ago and i hardly ever use it. I was actually thinking of selling it. But this is a great way to reuse a white elephant. Thanks for the idea. It works on the same principle as Q-Redew which cost $69 on amazon.

  2. NaturalMonty says:

    Now this is clever. My hair steamer seems to be leaking and I can’t see how to fix. I never thought of using my clothes steamer, but will instead of buying a new hair steamer. This is brilliant..thank you!

  3. Kede Pointer says:

    I absolutely love your video and I plan to buy a clothes steamer vs the q-redew so with that being said…my I have the name of your clothes steamer?

  4. NaturalMonty says:

    Today (11/27/16) I used my clothes steamer on my hair; worked great!! So glad I saw your vid before purchasing another hair steamer. I’d rather spend $$ on another clothes steamer which is way cheaper, and can multi purpose with it. Brilliant!!


    Just want to really show my appreciation of what you are doing. We need natural hair ambassadors like yourself. I myself have been growing natural hair but not ready to show it yet. I have been searching a lot but its difficult to find South africans. Keep it up dear

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