I am really enjoying my short hair to the point that I feel like it is growing too quick lol and I haven’t exhausted all the styling options one can have with short hair (yes yes but grow it must and grow it will).
I encourage every one to enjoy and experiment and try new things and learn and listen to their hair at every stage and at every length. You know how us women can be, when its long we desire short and when its short we desire longer hair so enjoy to the maximum at whatever stage it is at. 
One may think that styling is all the more quicker for short hair which it often is but there are days where inspiration is nowhere insight and even the wash n gos take longer to style as some of the hair does not want to lay the way you want it to. There are various ways to overcome days when you and your hair are just feeling ‘blah’. One can use hair accessories such as a doek, hair pins aka bobby pins, hair bands, hair clips and more. It is good to always have some of these various accessories at hand. 
Spring officially starts today – Happy Spring Day – and with it comes the desire to switch things up a little. So herewith a quick and easy style to do – Flexi Rod Set.

1)Flexi Rods come in various sizes right up to 30mm wide (ask me if you are searching for the 30mm ones as they are rare and only come in packs of 3/4 per pack for about R80 per pack or more). Flexi rods sometimes give a better curl than Perm Rods because you can apply enough tension without too much tight pulling and they hold the hair right to the root section. I also say ‘sometimes’ because you can have a little more frizz with either flexi rods or perms rods, it all depend on how much tension was applied and what product was used etc. With Perm rods, often the root section of the hair cannot be pulled taut or stretched.
2) There are various ways to use Flexi rods but for just a head of curls the length of time that your curls from a flexi rod set keep/stay, really depends on the products used, the method used as well as the care given when you go to sleep. There are various setting sprays and setting lotions and many creams/smoothies or foam lotions, mainly these are products that help fight frizz and help give hold and definition – such products will add a little bit more definition and hold so that the curls produced by the flexi rods keep/stay AND keep/stay for a few more days. I am not too fussed with trying to keep flexi rod set curls for long so I tend to use flexi rods for a one day hair style in most cases.
3)SMOOTHING the product into the hair a section at a time is key, (if you put the product on the hair all at once then by the time you get to a certain area of the hair, the hair may be dry). Ensuring that there is little or no frizz is ideal. You can use a Denman brush and fingers to help with this.
4)There are various ways of positioning the rods and whichever way you choose, ensure that the flexi rods are nicely gripped/secured. I always secure/bend the rod in the opposite direction to which I have rolled the hair onto it (not tight or so tight that you are pulling and putting unnecessary tension on the hair and hair follicle).
5)Flexi rods come out best on a foundation of light to medium damp hair. The wetter the hair the easier to smooth and better the curl BUT then the longer the hair will take to dry. Hair does not have to be dampened with water as such, you can use a water based product such as a leave-in conditioner on dry hair.
6)Smaller sections for smaller curls. Once the hair with the flexi rods is dry, gently remove the rods after which, other styling products can be applied such as a light oil for shine, if desired. Do not use a water based product as this will just frizz or undo the flexi rod curls. Medium heat can be used to dry the hair and if so, please ensure that a heat protectant is also applied to the hair before or after the initial styling product.
7)Using a satin scarf and the pineapple method as well as sleeping on a satin pillow case will also help keep the curls for longer. The curls at the top and center of the head tend to stay longer becuase they are less disturded, so be prepared to use bobby pins etc. to help style and pin up the sides or for shorter hair just smooth the sides down if you like.
In Summary – SMOOTH a styling product into each SECTION of damp hair. Flexi rod must be firmly secured without too much tension. Let dry, gently remove the rods and then style as desired. 
 ABOVE: The hair before the flexi rods 
Above: Brief view of prepping the hair for the Flexi Rods. Products used this particular time – Keramour Naturals (http://www.keramournaturals.co.za/)
Bendy Rollers from Super Drug UK
You can find Flexi Rods in Dischem and a few hair stores (I also sell them at hair events).

Above: Rolling the hair onto the Flexi Rods. 
Above: The imperfect flexi rods – ensure there is enough tension to stretch the hair but not pull at the roots or cause any pain
Above: What the hair looks like once the Flexi rods have been removed.
 Above: I just racked my fingers through the hair to cover any gaps and loosen as well split the curls.
 Above: Apply some Lippie and Happy Spring Day
 I have been using flexi rods for a long while. I first came across the rods whilst overseas and used them on my relaxed and transitioning hair as well as my natural hair so yes, they can be used for ALL hair.
As always, Listen to You Hair and Have Fun

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