Hey hunz! Let’s CO-wash this hair!!! Do enjoy!
I use conditioner to wash my hair 3 times a month and in the fourth week I clarify with a shampoos (followed by a conditioner). In this vid, I treated my hair overnight – in twist and covered with a shower cap. I detangled throughout the week and a tad bit during the wash process in the shower.

Products used:
Conditioner: Ganier Ultimate Blends – Shea butter & Avocado
Leave-in Conditioner: Design Essential Naturals – Almond & Avocado
Butter: My Natural Hair moisturising butter
Oil: African Pride Olive Miracle – growth oil

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  1. Hey Gabster says:

    heheheh I have been wanting to say cash me outside how bout dah for such a long time hehehehehehehehhehe I dream of it lolest. You can see how regularly you do this it’s like the fingers just do the walking….

  2. Masego Modisane says:

    Where were you putting the conditioner when you had to use both your hands? lol.(you dont have to answer that, i’m just being silly .lol. Lovely vid and your hair has grown a lot

  3. Around Soweto Blog says:

    Your hair goalzzz, thanks for sharing… Can’t wait to see how your hair will look like once straightened. One day is one day.

  4. Lelethu Nopote says:

    Using occasional heat and thinking you’re not doing any damage to me is the biggest mistake naturals do. Yes, it will look different and nice for your big day but will you ever be able to repair that heat? I’m really nervous about this decision.

  5. BRKLYN 29 says:

    I enjoy your channel. You are one of the few youtubers who wear their hair in a shrunken state. Your hair looks good and it is healthy. Keep up the good work.

  6. EJ&I says:

    I subbed love ur vids ! if your interested I have a video on how I do my successful twist / braid out EVERYTIME check it out πŸ™‚

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