Hey Hunies! Bring those edges back to life using these simple products and methods!
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  1. Nthabie Abie Tabz says:

    Girl, hairline/edges issues since forever ?. How does it smell? I have issues with hair product smells. I must add your fro has grown and looks so thick and healthy, love love love ????????

  2. Annette Wambui says:

    How effective is the product with regards to lengthening natural hair? All the hair length reviews i’ve seen seem to be on relaxed hair.

  3. anne ndlela says:

    Hey chica, thanks for the video. May I please have your email? I had a massive chop a month or two ago. And I’m hoping to grow an afro as glorious as yours. I want to get this t444z, I’m also based in South Africa. Let me know please

  4. Rani Rayyah says:

    Hello yols. Am a new subscriber and it’s good advice here.my hair is weak and very light and my scalp itches too much.what do you advice …..?

  5. Tsungy Kim says:

    How much did you buy it for? Looking for a jar. Once used it and it works wonders for my dandruff and itchiness and it doesn’t build up.

  6. Zintle Ntsele says:

    My problem is I have never really had long hair (inherited that from my mother πŸ™ ). My hair only grows to my chin line (hope you get me). I mean I have wanted to have long and thick hair, is this product recommended in growing my hair longer?

  7. Sandra Greenaway says:

    I’ve been using this product for three months after nape damage which I’ve had for over 16 months. I tried jbco, peppermint oil and loads more but, t444z has made my nape grow. I use it morning and night everyday around hairline and nape – excellent. My friend highly recommended the product to me – love it !!!

  8. Diana Didi says:

    Yolz I need you to hook me up with The T444Z my hairline is hideous and the sad thing is that I have long natural hair. So imagine long natural hair without a hairline. I’m even thinking of cutting it :'( but my hairline has been like this for 1year 8 months now so I’m hopeless

  9. G Washington says:

    Hi Yolz… It’s been awhile (August 2016) since you reported T444Z HAIR FOOD use. Any updates? Have you continued your hair journey with T444Z? What’s UP???

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