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4c Natural Hair l Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Cap Review l Natural Confidence


Hey guys, so I got to test drive this microwaveable heat cap by local naturalista Whitney.the addition of heat helps to give a better effect to your deep conditioner, this is even better because you get to still be mobile while toasty.

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Where to get your cap

Cap sizes and prices
Seshweswe range
small – R170
medium- R200
large – R280 (made to order)

Ankara range
small – R200
Medium – R240
Large – R300 (made to order)
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4C Natural Hair l African Threading l How I stretch My 4C Hair l Heat-less Blowout

Hey guys, hope you are all well. I’ve been AWOL. A lot has been going on in my life the last few months which I’ll do a video about so I’ll be posting infrequently probably till year end as I adjust to my new schedule.

Here’s a video I shot a while back about how to stretch my hair without heat, using satin ribbons. i prefer to also trim my hair when stretched as I had to after this.
What’s your favourtie way to stretch your hair?

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Hello hunies, Issa another hairstyle tutorial!! Whoop Whoop! DO ENJOY LOVES!!

Side note: I said the word ‘basically’ 8 times in this video – EISH! Please don’t roast me about that in the Comments section…just a “lol to the basically” would do. LOL!!!

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4c Natural Hair l Detangling My Fro Using The Tangle Teezer l No more Tears

Hey guys, so in the quest to fine tune my detangling process, I took the plunge and purchased the tangle teezer. Here’s the results from my last wash day.
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4c Natural Hair l My Current Favorite Products For Moisturizing My 4c Afro l No dryness l LCO Method

Hey guys, here’s part 2 of my current favourite products. I use these to LCO my hair and thus retain moisture.
Use the Link in the video to take you to part 1 which is about the wash day products.
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HOW TO | Prepare Natural Hair For A Protective Style | TWA 4c Hair

Next week, I’ll be showing you how to do box braids on your natural hair, but first, you need to prepare your natural hair for the long term protective style.

Prepping your hair will help you retain moisture and prevent dryness and breakage once your remove your braids. Follow these three steps before styling:
1. Deep Clean (detox wash)
2. Deep Moisture or Protein treatment
3. Seal in the moisture

It’s important to do a deep moisture or a protein treatment on your hair before brading it!

Have any questions or suggestions for any video in the future, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to create a tutorial just for you!!!

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Hello hunnies!!! Have you ever tried Biotin tablets? I’ll be testing out the effectiveness of these hair growth supplements over the next 60 days and let y’all know the results.

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Camera: Canon 1200D
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4C Natural Hair l My Current Favorite Products/Routine l No Coconut Oil l Wash Day Edition

Hey guys, so I just wanted to share my current staple hair products. This video just discusses what I use on wash day, I will make a follow up video about what I use to moisturise my hair.
please have a look at my wash day videos to see exactly how things go down lol.

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4c Natural Hair l Heatless Blowout Tutorial w 2 Strand Twists l Nigerian/South African

Hey friends. I love to limit the amount of heat that i use on my hair. due to this, I prefer to stretch my hair using two methods. in this video, i show you how I stretch using twostrand twists. hope you guys enjoy the video. Please like, comment, share and subscribe!

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Hey hunz! Let’s CO-wash this hair!!! Do enjoy!
I use conditioner to wash my hair 3 times a month and in the fourth week I clarify with a shampoos (followed by a conditioner). In this vid, I treated my hair overnight – in twist and covered with a shower cap. I detangled throughout the week and a tad bit during the wash process in the shower.

Products used:
Conditioner: Ganier Ultimate Blends – Shea butter & Avocado
Leave-in Conditioner: Design Essential Naturals – Almond & Avocado
Butter: My Natural Hair moisturising butter
Oil: African Pride Olive Miracle – growth oil

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