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Announcement: Cape Town Natural Hair Fest X Cantu

We’ve just announced that the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest is empowered by Cantu Beauty. The festival will take place on the 17th of December. Tickets are available via Quicket
To find out more about Cantu and the Festival, hop on over to Eleanor’s page
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NB: This video was sponsored by Cantu but all opinions are my own and true!

Wash and Go – Natural Hair | Eleanor J’adore | South African Beauty Blogger

Hi Everyone! Finally I’m bringing you this highly requested wash and go video on my natural hair, with product recommendations for those of you living in South Africa. Sometimes it can be difficult to find really good natural hair products in South Africa, but I’ve done the research for you!

Links for where you can buy the products I mention in the video:
Curl Company – or purchase in-store
Shea Moisture –
Cantu – , and or purchase in-store
OGX – or purchase in-store
As I Am –

Product Reviews on my blog:
Curl Company –
As I Am Coconut Co-wash –

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Music: Miram Makeba – Pata Pata Ofenbach Remix

– Braided Updo –
-Get to Know Me –
-Head Wrap Tutorial –
-Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial –
-How to style 2-strand twists –



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