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4c Natural Hair l Quick Easy 5 Minute Twist Updo On Medium Length Natural Hair l Tutorial

Hey Ladies, so this video came about by fun, I wanted to see/ show how easy it can be to style one’s natural hair.

I usually wear my hair in the 16 twists if I know I will not have time to do something grander. A lack of time one morning and an excess of Bobby pins led to a great style. Let’s see what we can do this time round!

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4c Natural Hair l Mini (Midi) Twists Take Down In Ibibio & Yoruba l Fast-ish? l Afro’d 9jachick

Hey guys, so I thought I’d have a little fun with this video and do it in my local dialect, Ibibio, from South Eastern Nigeria. Hope you guys enjoy it. For the Ibibio speakers, is “Idak page” correct lol? It sounded right whilst recording but I’ve been having my doubts since editing lol.

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4C Natural Hair l My Current Favorite Products/Routine l No Coconut Oil l Wash Day Edition

Hey guys, so I just wanted to share my current staple hair products. This video just discusses what I use on wash day, I will make a follow up video about what I use to moisturise my hair.
please have a look at my wash day videos to see exactly how things go down lol.

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