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Natural Hair Twist Out Tutorial ft As I Am – Easy & Beginner Friendly | Eleanor J’adore


Today I’m sharing with you my easy and beginner friendly twist out tutorial for natural hair. This is an amazing style to do if you are transitioning from relaxed or heat damaged hair to natural hair.

Products used:
As I Am Cleansing Pudding
As I Am Hydration Elation
As I Am Leave-In Conditioner
As I Am CocoShea Whip
As I Am Curling Jelly


♫Music By♫
●Pryces – Well Do Ya
●Song –
●Pryces –

●Climbing through Air 3 by Tomas Skyldeberg

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Eleanor J’adore – South African Natural Hair, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and Vlogger living in the UK.

4c Natural Hair l 11 Quick And Easy Styles on a Two Strand Twist Out

Hey guys, here’s some quick styles I came out with on my twist out.
Which do you like most? Which would you try?
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4c Natural Hair l Mini (Midi) Twists Take Down In Ibibio & Yoruba l Fast-ish? l Afro’d 9jachick

Hey guys, so I thought I’d have a little fun with this video and do it in my local dialect, Ibibio, from South Eastern Nigeria. Hope you guys enjoy it. For the Ibibio speakers, is “Idak page” correct lol? It sounded right whilst recording but I’ve been having my doubts since editing lol.

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afrod9jachick 4c natural hair naturalhair twistout twist lengthcheck waistlength

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4c Natural Hair l My Box Braids “Wash Day” Using Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse l No Shampoo Method l PS

Hey guys, so my hair was in a protective style for a while.
Here’s how I cleaned my scalp without having to go through the whole wash day routine, using ACV. I managed to keep my hair braided for 10.5 weeks in total.
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4c Natural Hair l Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Cap Review l Natural Confidence


Hey guys, so I got to test drive this microwaveable heat cap by local naturalista Whitney.the addition of heat helps to give a better effect to your deep conditioner, this is even better because you get to still be mobile while toasty.

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My REAL Morning Hair Routine | Yolz Channel

Hello Hunies! Here’s my realistic morning hair routine!

I did a Bentonite Clay mask treatment the night before, followed by my Co-wash routine – which includes applying my leave-in conditioner, oil and moisturizing cream.

My Co-wash (Conditioner wash) routine:

I certainly hope you enjoyed this video and I totally missed you sooo so much! Yoh!

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Love you stax!!

Tech Stuff:
Camera: Canon 1200D
Lens: 18 – 55mm Lens
Lighting: Natural Light
Editing software: iMovie

4C Natural Hair l My Current Favorite Products/Routine l No Coconut Oil l Wash Day Edition

Hey guys, so I just wanted to share my current staple hair products. This video just discusses what I use on wash day, I will make a follow up video about what I use to moisturise my hair.
please have a look at my wash day videos to see exactly how things go down lol.

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4C Natural Hair l How To Detangle using Apple Cider Vinegar l Nigerian/ South African Youtuber

Hey guys, I know I’ve been MIA, my apologies; life seriously got in the way.

So after 10 weeks, the protective style has been taken down. I decided to try using ACV to detangle as I’d heard good reviews about it. Here’s how it went down.

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4c Natural Hair l How To Comb 4c Natural Hair l Without Breakage / Pain l Nigerian / South African

Hey guys, so the comb is a taboo subject amongst naturalistas. I however, need to use the comb to ensure good management of my hair. So here’s how to comb your hair without causing yourself pain or hair loss.

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6. Braid Out Styles

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