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4c Natural Hair l Grow Your Natural Hair Fast!! l Lies Natural Hair Youtubers Tell Their Subscribers

Hey guys, so I just wanted to make a fun video about some things in the natural hair community. no shade intended, just some thoughts I’ve had and thought to put them out in a silly manner.
What do you think, any comments?

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4c Natural Hair l My Box Braids “Wash Day” Using Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse l No Shampoo Method l PS

Hey guys, so my hair was in a protective style for a while.
Here’s how I cleaned my scalp without having to go through the whole wash day routine, using ACV. I managed to keep my hair braided for 10.5 weeks in total.
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4C Natural Hair l My Current Favorite Products/Routine l No Coconut Oil l Wash Day Edition

Hey guys, so I just wanted to share my current staple hair products. This video just discusses what I use on wash day, I will make a follow up video about what I use to moisturise my hair.
please have a look at my wash day videos to see exactly how things go down lol.

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Hey hunz! Let’s CO-wash this hair!!! Do enjoy!
I use conditioner to wash my hair 3 times a month and in the fourth week I clarify with a shampoos (followed by a conditioner). In this vid, I treated my hair overnight – in twist and covered with a shower cap. I detangled throughout the week and a tad bit during the wash process in the shower.

Products used:
Conditioner: Ganier Ultimate Blends – Shea butter & Avocado
Leave-in Conditioner: Design Essential Naturals – Almond & Avocado
Butter: My Natural Hair moisturising butter
Oil: African Pride Olive Miracle – growth oil

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Hey Hunies!!! Fezokuhle and I answered the questions you asked us on our social platforms.

In this video, Fezo and I go into detail about what works for our hair and Fezo shows you some of her current favourite products. I hope most of your questions were answered hey. We defs going to do a part two of this in the near future to cover all your questions (on Fezo’s YouTube Channel which I’m trying to convince her to start *wink wink*).

Thank you to each and every one of you who posted questions on Insta, Twitter and some on my FB page. I appreciate the engagement and Love you all so so much!!

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Camera: Canon 1200D
Editing software: YouTube Video Editor (
Lens: 18mm – 55mm lens
Lighting: Natural lighting

4c Natural Hair l Wash Day Routine l Bentonite Clay Hair Wash l Nigerian/South African Youtuber

hey guy, here’s part 3 of my wash day routine – the wash. i alternTE BETWEEN AHmpoo and bentonite clay. see how i mix my bentonite clay for use here.

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My Fluffy Fro l Perm Rods Tutorial on 4c Natural Hair l How To l Nigerian / South African Youtuber

Hey guys, here’s how I get this fluffy fro. Hope you enjoy the tutorial.
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4c Natural Hair l Wash Day Routine l Prepoo: My Hot Oil Treatment l Nigerian/South African Youtuber

Hi guys, in this video, I’ll show you part 2 of my wash day routine. Once my hair is detangled, I do a hot oil treatment.
Some Benefits of the oils I use

Olive oil: helps relieve dandruff, smoothen hair strands, add ,moisture to hair,softens hair.
Avocado oil: moisturizes dry, brittle hair; humectant, strengthens and conditions the hair, helps soothe and itchy scalp…
JBCO: promotes hair growth, moisturizes scalp, aids in thickening hair, decreases frizz
Coconut oil: helps moisturize hair, remove build up on scalp, reduce split ends, aids with detangling
Peppermint oil: stimulates hair growth, moisturizes hair, reduces hair loss and dry scalp
Tea tree oil: antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, stimulates hair growth, relieves a dry scalp and dandruff,

You can watch part 1 of the wash day series here:
Part 1: How I Detangle My Afro:

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Hey Hunies! Here I’m using Apple Cider Vinegar to shampoo/clarify my hair and organic honey to treat/deep condition my hair. Do Enjoy!

Products Used:
1. Apple Cider Vinegar – as SHAMPOO – Dischem
2. Organic Honey – available at Dischem
3. Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner – Dischem
4. Ultimate Organic Therapy Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner – Clicks
5. Ultimate Organic Therapy Olive Oil Anti-breakage Cream – Clicks
6. African Pride Olive Miracle Oil Blend – Clicks



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