Archaic Human are an online store providing a platform and environment where:
  • We have easy access to hair products and tools
  • We can expect fast and efficient delivery
  • We can offer a money back guarantee for sub quality products
  • Clients can expect after sales service
  • We see more people we can relate to on blogs and vlogs
Sounds good doesn’t it.
I first met the ladies at a Hair Event a few months ago where they excitedly introduced themselves and I told them that I had seen their brand on Instagram and was glad to put faces to the brand (o: Debra and Palesa are two lovely African women who ‘who have a strong desire to contribute to the awareness of the beauty and talent that resides in Africa and its people’. By Africa and For Africa and With Africa and About Africa and Out of Africa and hoping to be the one stop shop not only in Africa but abroad too. Archaic Human lovingly gifted me a voucher to spend on their online store and to share my experience. Great!
Above: The beautiful Debra and Palesa
I like meeting the people behind the brand and both Debra and Palesa are planning to be more out there and you can get to meet them too. Archaic Human stock a number of local brands such as:
  • Earth Natural Hair
  • Lavish Atelier
  • Mabu Tribe
  • Malaika
  • Suki Suki Naturals 
Go ahead and visit their website  and find out more and just have a look or buy. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They stock African Black Soap, various LOCAL Hair Care products, Headwraps and the popular Crochet Hook which I know people are always looking for. You can also live chat if you have any questions or need help with anything (I did test it out and its works pretty well and no they did not know it was me lol). They courier nationwide for an additional fee of minimum R85 but all orders of R450 or more get FREE delivery AND….since YOU, yes YOU are part of my following and my family – YOU get FREE DELIVERY with all orders, regardless of amount. Just use the code ARCHAICHUMANJEMS. 
(yes I am unboxable and multifaceted at that – check the About Us tab to find out why they are named Archaic Human (o:)

I placed my order and bought a headwrap, head scarf and some african back soap (follow my Instagram and Facebook page to see when I get my parcel delivered). The website is user friendly. I like how things are categorized and grouped making it easy to find what you are looking for. I like the Sort By bar at the top as sometimes one just wants to see things with the cheapest items listed first. There is a testimonial page so you can see what others thought about their experience. I do encourage people to go back and rate /review what they purchased as it gives the rest of us some gauge or an idea about what we are about to buy beforehand. For example if something has a 5 star rating by a number of people then I am more likely to like it too. There is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page as well which one can view to see if there is already an answer for the question one may have, for example if one wants to find out Archaic Human’s return policy. I would say one small thing about the visibility of the Delivery Cost – people often want to know what delivery will cost them BEFORE they place an order so please mention the price for standard delivery somewhere or what the delivery options are before checkout – various sites have various ways of making this more visible and I guess we don’t mind too much as we see this when we check out anyway. I love the additional perks one gets on the site like free hair care advise via the Archaic Human Blog and  Hair Care Guides and Fact Sheets to download. Overall I enjoying my experience, it was quick, easy to follow, things are well listed with size and ingredients. Would I shop from Archaic Human again. I most certainly would***

Above: Extracts from the Archaic Human Website
I know alot of us are quite apprehensive about shopping online but there are some things to look out for to enhance our ‘web know how’ and to help us know what it authentic and what is not. I have written about shopping online before HERE and most of those points still apply. Another really good indicator is when you see https versus just http. Google chrome browser also alerts one when a website is not secure versus when one is secure. Nowadays there are a variety of payment options and you can also email the online store to ask if you can pay via EFT. (I prefer card payment as the bank can then help me when things don’t go right, if you pay via EFT, all liability lies with you as you initiate the payment) Like me, do you enjoy online shopping or do you not? What do you suggest online stores do to help you buy from them more? Feel free to comment below.

Use the free delivery code ARCHAICHUMANJEMS and get shopping!

Thank you Archaic Human. As always listen to your hair and try a new experience

***PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS INFORMATION IS AS AT 17 NOVEMBER 2017 – please always check that a site is current and active before buying

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