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So this is my latest Bentonite clay recipe for a No Poo wash day. so simple,and no risk of stripping my hair off moisture.

bentonite clay: gets rid of dandruff by soaking up extra sebum, making the scalp inhospitable for the responsible fungus.It also scrapes off the dandruff that has already accumulated on the head.
:Aids hair growth: clay contains sodium, potassium, and calcium – minerals that are essential for hair growth. It also removes dead skin cells from your scalp and cleanses hair follicles which boosts hair growth.
:Protects from infections: Negatively charged bentonite clay draws out toxins from your positively charged hair. It also cleanses your scalp of oil and buildup. This protects your hair and scalp from bacterial and fungal infections.
:Adds shine to your hair:

Apple cider vinegar: Balance Hair & Sebum pH
: Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties
: Cleansing and Clarifying
: Add Natural Body & Define Curls
: Detangle
: Reduce Frizz

Rose Water: Antibacterial
: Eliminates Scalp Issues
: Promotes Hair Growth through vitamin A, C, D, E, and B3
: Softening Conditioner
: Hydrating for Hair and Skin

Do you ever use No poo methods? what recipes do you use?
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