When I first decided to return to natural, there were hardly any products available within my reach. Like every other natural, I opted for ye olde faithful, Dr. Miracle. I mean, c’mon – be honest. You’ve been there too! Don’t get me wrong, I love Dr. Miracle, I just wished that there were more of an option for curlies at that time. We drooled over getting our hands on SheaMoisture (sometimes we still do) but we’d often have to forfeit a portion of our monthly groceries to afford the aforementioned holy grail of curly products (should I get this bottle of wine or should I save up for my curl cream?)

In my 4 years of travelling down this road, I’ve seen some amazing growth in the natural hair product line – and I am so excited whenever a South African product comes on the market. Liesl Katzen’s Curl Chemistry is one such product. She started the brand this year because she noticed a lack of hair products for curly girls within South Africa.

Liesl afforded me the opportunity to try out Curl Chemistry’s Curl Activating Cream a few weeks ago. Now I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting my review but it takes me at least 3 weeks to give a fair and honest opinion, as I like playing around with the product to get the full “feel” of it.

The minute you open up your tub of Curl Chemistry’s cream, you will be hit with a whiff of apples. In fact, it will immediately remind you of days gone by when your mom washed your hair with those infamous green bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Needless to say, it’s such a happy smell you will want to use it every day.

In the first few days of testing out the product, I sectioned off my hair in four and smothered each section with the cream – big mistake! It hardened my hair when it dried out and made it feel rather crunchy. The definition of my curl was flippen awesome though.

The second week I used much less product and boom! Spot on. Curls were popping, hair as soft as cotton candy, nourished to the max and a light, fruity smell wherever I went – curly girl heaven. You really don’t need gobs of this product, in fact, one tub could last you a good two months.

Curl Chemistry’s Curl Activating Cream is enriched with olive oil, shea butter and pomegranate extract. It can be used on twist-outs, braids and it has great hold when you set your hair too. This cream has amazing slip, so it glides on your hair quite smoothly. In my opinion it could quite possibly be a contender for your next Holy Grail hair item.
Curl Chemistry’s Curl Activating Cream retails for R95 plus postal charges. 
You can order yours through the Facebook page.
Let me know your thoughts?

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