Hello again curlfriends!

One of the things that I’ve been pondering on lately, is how so much can change in a year. These are some of the things that I’ve learned this year. How to moisturise my hair properly. I learned to master the LOC method. This was certainly a game changer for me! The centre of my hair always broke off because it was constantly dry and brittle. I think ‘kliphard’ describes it  rather better…So after experimenting with numerous amounts of products like leave- ins, creams, oils… I finally found a combo that works best for my hair! (It’s not called a hair journey for nothing.)

So my hair is finally getting longer and healthier. I have settled into a nice routine that works.
So here’s the thing- Its important to know where you’ve been in order to know where you’re headed. Yep, I’ve been pondering y’all!
Your hairs past affects its future awesomeness, so it’s utterly crucial to have a healthy hair game plan.
 If you don’t, you will find yourself wasting money on every product that you hear about just because it worked for someone else. I have learned this the hard way, trust me. You may be thinking “she’s not talking to me” … But I totally am. Just don’t buy hair products on impulse.
When I eventually found a routine that worked  for me, I no longer saw my hair as a chore. I no longer relied on the “rules” of the natural hair community. Always remember this-  your hair journey is also a journey of IDENTITY…. (I told ya I’ve been pondering!)
 Another thing that I’ve learned is to keep my hair happy by deep conditioning every time I wash it and even when I co- wash too. Failure to deep condition may be the cause of your hair breaking.
In the beginning I was doing too much with my hair. I became overwhelmed and sometimes frustrated. I got caught up with  products, styling methods, routines etc… You have LOC, LCO, oil rinses, tea rinses, mud washing and the list goes on. I became distracted. My wash days were lengthy and I began to resent it. I think you’ll know me by now – I’m a no fuss kinda curly. I made up my mind to just do me. Just stick to the basics. I now style once on wash day instead of every day. My go to style are twists because it’s simple, cute and my hair stays stretched.

It’s easier to handle stretched hair. You can do more styles on hair that’s stretched.
I also learned my hairs porosity. I had to re- think some things that I was doing. Since I know my hairs porosity I now know which products work well for me.

Through experimenting and researching I found that my hair thrives on ayurveda hair treatments. I suggest you do the same and while you at it ) have fun and enjoy the process.
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep in mind that natural hair can be complicated but only if you make it out to be.
What’s some of the things that you’ve learned so far in your hair journey?

Until next time curlies,
Stay Natural  – Stay Magical
Xoxo – Marlene Louw

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