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  1. paidamoyo motsi says:

    Hey Aisha….what products did you use on your hair before twisting …your looks super moisturised and the twist out is gorgeous …Thanks…

  2. Afrothentic Fisher says:

    I haven’t seen a video from you in such a long time. Glad to see you doing vids again. I love the high bun video!!

  3. pearlsamb82 says:

    Cute little pin back style! Great seeing videos by you again. I really enjoyed your 30day / 30 updos series! Are you still using Shea Moisture products for moisturizing?

  4. ANNalikeKARIN says:

    This is cute love that hairstyle, me and my Twin just uploaded a video with different hairstyles for natural hair. Maybe you can have a look at it and give us a feedback?

  5. Lily-C says:

    I’m so happy I found and subscribed to this channel. Stylish chick with the same exact hair texture and face shape as I have? What are the odds I’m trying out all these looks this summer 🙂

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