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  1. created2worshipGOD says:

    Nice, simple and elegant…just the way I like. You are one of the first persons I got the bra strap idea from.  Thanks for caring to share.

  2. Tsungy Kim says:

    Aishaa you never disappoint. Keep up the good work. Love the simplicity of your videos and how you carry yourself! My #naturalhaircrush  right there y’all!!!!!

  3. mrs greffin says:

    I really have missed your videos. Simple, cute. Plus, you get right to the point! I hate chatty videos. Welcome back! 🙂

  4. URBAN MNGUNI says:

    Yho. You saved me wena. Now i can actually style my hair and stiil be on time for lectures! You’re heaven sent sthandwa sam.

  5. Flower2009 says:

    Very creative! Lol girl you duped me. The style looked so complex, I burst out laughing when you simply twisted your hair at the end lol. Gonna try it tomorrow thanks for sharing x

  6. Latrice Evans says:

    I saw your post on Pinterest and had to find your YouTube channel! Thank you for all the creative styles! I have 4c and struggle to find cute versatile styles

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