Hello loves! Here are my personal TOP 5 Hair butters that are doing wonders for my hair this winter. ENJOY!!

Most of these products are available at Clicks, Dischem, Pick ‘n Pay, the Beauty OnTAPP App and each brand has an Instagram page.

Find the brand online:
My Natural Hair – http://mynatural.co.za
AfroBotanics – www.afro-botanics.com
Native Child – https://www.nativechild.co/
Nalediful – @nalediful on Instagram

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Lens: 18-55mm lens
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Editing software: iMovie

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  1. Kwandi Nkosi says:

    I enjoy watching this channel, not only because of the content but also the person behind it. The bravery this lady has shown is remarkable and honestly admired by me. Keep doing what you love?And I, alongside many others, will continue binge watching on your content?- A 17 year old.

  2. Nombasa Tsamayi says:

    My favourites the Afrobotanics hair growth cream and the my natural moisturize butter, I’ve never tried native child hair products but I am keen to try

  3. Cindy Chembeze says:

    I love butters, it’s the best thing for my hair, I’m sick of trying other things. I’m using african butter, very similar to shea butter and next I want to try cocoa butter.
    Be aware of using things with essencial oils while you’re pregnant, do your own research πŸ˜‰

  4. Lisa Shwempe says:

    I live for nativechild products. Their milk and honey creme is my fav and is great for dry hair. Also use it for bantu knots and twist outs


    thank you very much, been looking for the right products for winter I love you so much and u ya Glowa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Zenande Gonya says:

    Thanks Yolz, perfect timing. My hair is so dry and itchy. Been so confused as to which brand to go to for my super super dry fro. Will definitely try these out. Thanks once again.

  7. zinhle zwane says:

    yolz do you use oils to base your hair?Coconut oil is giving dandruff also my natural hair strengthening oil.The my natural hair moisturizing butter woorks like magic.

  8. Choc-O-Yama says:

    ?? Oh uLucy! Akeva winter yena ke. You killed me there

    Awusemhle Mama.
    Thank you for this ’cause I’m struggling kule-season??

  9. Bulelwa Gebashe says:

    After my big chop last year in June I used to use the Afrobotanics but then stopped & diverted to just using oils but I’m looking into trying out the Native Child one.

  10. Abongile Kobe says:

    Going back to my natural hair, just finished doing my diy box braids as my protective style for winter using the afrobotanics… Would love to try out my natural products.

    Love u Yolz. Thanx for the vid..

  11. lerato totana says:

    Hey Yolz , love this vid ????
    So since he Native child Shea butter cream has essential, natural oils can it also be used on skin?

  12. lerato totana says:

    I’ve been using the Dark n lovely Au natural afro moisturising butter so far, it’s all I can afford actually ? but I’m so keen on trying out the Native child and My natural butters totally ☺☺

  13. Sebenzile Maseko says:

    So far I use Aunt Jackie’s seal it up butter, I really love it and I also use both the dark and lovely hair butter and the plaiting pudding. I actually prefer the plaiting pudding coz obviously it smells amazing and I find that it moisturizes my hair way better than the hair butter. . . But I am looking forward to trying out more products and finding butters that work for my hair.

  14. Nombulelo Hadebe says:

    I hope you know my natural hair Journey began because of you it’s been a year now and I buy products like it’s going out of fashion

  15. Kaytelynn Katt says:

    I’ve always ignored my hair by cutting and colouring oh and wigs are my go to …it’s just too kinky and crazy?. But I’m inspired to take care of it and love it . ?? thanks

  16. Refiloe Mashaba says:

    Hello Yolz, Do you also believe in doing protective styles during winter ? You are looking so radiant and beautiful as always ???

  17. Nsindiso Mabaso says:

    when i see your notification i drop everything…lol i use Raw shea butter from Umera i got it at a local salon it works wonders for me, i also use the Dark n lovely Au Naturale hair butter, you know what that one is just bomb for me.

  18. azow maroro says:

    thanx hun much appreciated i am using my natural range at the moment …..well i tried it because of your recommendation yhoo mommy its a woow

  19. Noleen kayzee says:

    Thank you so much, this video is just in time where lm looking for the right products for my hair… My hair tend to get dirty too quickly though

  20. Kopano The Blog says:

    haha I have been thinking of doing a video just like this and I would have also chosen the afrobotanics and My Natural butters! totally!

  21. Refilwe Esau says:

    The Native Child shea butter is amazing too bad I stopped using it when I tried out Afrobotanics.

    My problem is that I cannot use too many brands at the same time, I usually stick to one brand at a time. Currently, all I’m using is oils but after this video will definitely try using the butter’s again cz I’ve been lazy to wash my hair on regular basis thus look after it post wash day.

  22. FO N says:

    the most frustrating thing for me with my Natural hair is that Coconut oil does not work for me, somehow I missed the coconut oil boat – whether I use it in my hair or in my body the reaction is not good at all and yet 99.9% hair products in the shop just have to include it nje in their ingredient list – everything is just coconut oil galore nje – so annoying

  23. Andani M. says:

    Hey yolz love the video?. I cut my hair with the aim of goin natural but my hair is afro-ish all around my head except the top of my head. Any tips on what to use to make it all the same coz it looks relaxed and its depressing ?

  24. Sihle Nontshokweni says:

    Hi Yolanda, thank you for the review, it was really informative. How often would you wash your hair pre-baby days?

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