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  1. Niggs limbo says:

    Honestly my favourite south African influencer. So many influencers just advertise products for coin thank you for being authentic sino.

    I also enjoyed this video.

    Syabonga maXaba.❤

  2. Lindokuhle Ntokozo says:

    My twist-outs used turn out like yours, till I tried the Dark And Lovely Au Naturale Plaiting Pudding Cream. It works wonders ❤

  3. Rose Thamae says:

    Hi Sino…love the video..just wondering how you style the hair while still in the you just cover the twists or do something with them because leaving the twists for days creates the best twist out like you said, i just never know what to do with them, always end up in a cap

  4. PoshMabule says:

    Hey Sino
    I go to gym everyday & it leaves my hair dry all the time. It’s still short hair. How often do you suggest I wash my hair in a week? Or is there any routine that you would suggest to treat my hair ?

  5. sizeka dyani says:

    Try using Black Jamaican castor oil, rub it on the twist before untangling the twist. the thickness gives a more defined twist

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