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I undid my crochet braids which I had had on for 5 weeks without a wash day *oops*. In the video I show you how I undo the braids and detangle my hair to ensure minimal breakage and all shed hair is removed. I also show you my ultimate detangling product mixture that works everytime!

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  1. Hey Gabster says:

    I have to say in as much as I watch natural hair videos I never got the finger detangling thing. Thanks for this and also not following the rules cause there are just too many lolest

  2. Silvia Dwomoh says:

    Hey dear!!! nice tutorial!!! just subscribed!! how long have you been natural?? i also have some hair styles up as well :)) thanks for sharing yours!!

  3. NicNacAttack says:

    thank you for sharing! we are hair twins! same exact texture! I’ve been natural for years but I’m finally just learning after my third big chop or so lol… my hair does best in two stand twists. I wash my hair with them in then redo them afterwards. I also have not used a comb on my hair this time around. light finger detangling only

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