Hey people, hope you’re all well.

So i had this brilliant idea to film an updo for you on an old bantu knot out on my 4c natural hair. i love playing in my hair and wanted to see how creative i could be. boy did it turn out to be an epic fail ??.

i decided to post the video anyway because there’s a perception that youtubers always always get things right. nope, we have fails just as you might have with your own hair journey. dont let the fail moments frustrate you. take it in stride, smile and carry on.

hope you will enjoy this video and laugh along at what eneed up not being ?.

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Quick Stats
Name: Idorenyin
Nationality: Nigerian (living in South Africa)
Big chop: Nov 30 2014 (Transitioned for 1 year prior)
Age of hair: 5 years natural November 30th, 4 years of growth November 30th (cut off one year of growth at the end of my 3rd year natural)

******music in video from youtube library******

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  1. Averie Kate says:

    Subbed! It looks so beautiful lmfao not a fail!!! I’m starting a natural hair channel too, hopefully we can support each other ????

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