I hosted my first ever hair coaching session in the Vaal & filmed the behind the scenes preps plus the big day!!! ENJOY!

Previous Hair video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bq-vEOFW7A&t

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Love you stax!!

Business email: yolzchannel@gmail.com

Tech Stuff:
Camera: Canon G7x Mark II
Lighting: Natural Light
Editing software: iMovie

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  1. Thato Kgware says:

    Wow!!! Such a huge inspiration. You take your craft so seriously, your passion for what you do humbles me. Big ups girl!?

  2. Clementine Raboshakga says:

    NOTIGANG!!!! Wow sis Yolz this is amazing. we need that in pretoria please our hair is a mess already please hair doctor..Love you

  3. Nono Yalezo says:

    I’m in Umthatha and my goodness Lord knows I need one of these sessions ??. This looks so nice and informative and as a newbie, I need as much help as I can get

  4. lerato makale says:

    I finally subscribed with my personal email after have done it with my work email which i use daily. I am officially the notification gang.

    Thank you for all the help, your channel has taught me so much about loving my natural hair and taking care of it. I used to relax my hair every time because I didn’t know what to do with it, but i can proudly say you have been with me through my transitioning stage and i can finally say that i feel like i have made it even though its still early stages because I can know manage my hair better.

    I just found you on instagram few weeks ago, so I will be looking out for the next hair coaching session.

  5. Pharane Pilusa says:

    Just like you chose Vaal, you said such things hardly happen there. Same thing with Polokwane. Nobody ever comes here. Can you please consider. Lessons needed hle bathong

  6. Pharane Pilusa says:

    The foooooooood, I am literally so hungry right now. Plus I am fasting intermittently. Why Yolie??. But please please come to Polokwane, I am telling you, your fan base here is spectacular.

  7. Nokuthula Mathunda says:

    Wow… I got so emotional watching this video though. You exude so much joy and passion for what you do sis. Your work is an epitome of ‘love made visible’. Thank you for your consistency, and being so generous with your knowledge. These are the type of events I would love to attend. As a working woman – i’d be happy if you added styling your natural for the workplace. Xoxo

  8. Nosi Rumbu says:

    Hey Yolz,I don’t know if you heard about Fresh Aloe vera leaf treatment as well..Please let me know would love to see it in your channel one day,thank you for the content organic is the way to go..mwaaah

  9. Ncooley Mamabolo says:

    This is so cool when are you doing one for JHB its so intimate I love it and your baby is soooooo nunus and cute man 🙂

  10. Ziyanda Dopolo says:

    Please come to Cape Town please please please?????????????? I need some coaching, I don’t even know my hair type so this coaching session will do me good! Please Yolz???

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