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I decided to give my usual ‘fro out look a bit of oomph this week and I have been rocking a wash and go. This is my second attempt at the style and it came out pretty well, I am happy.

I wrote a blogpost about it, which you can find here: https://goo.gl/6jMyrL

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  1. FroChicBlog says:

    Even though I have locs I really enjoy watching these type of videos on loose natural hair….I don’t know what it is about wash day/ wash and go videos but I could watch them forever lol.

  2. Hey Gabster says:

    great video thanks for the au naturalle ‘review’ the wash n go came out lovey…lolest ur here for the conditioner lolest

  3. Domanique's Diary says:

    My hair is relaxed but I’m gonna try something similar!

    I subscribed! Please check out my latest video and hopefully subscribe back πŸ˜€

  4. Joy Wanakwanyi says:

    Hey girl! I love your hair girl. Tho I feel with the co wash u should use it to wash your hair in the shower like shampoo instead of twisting it up. That will definitely help with the flakes from your previous style. If that doesn’t help u can make an Apple cider rinse. Basically u mix 1/3 of Apple cider vinegar and 2/3 of water. Use it to rinse out after co washing. It’s more natural and healthy. That helps me with product build up and flakes. I also make videos on YouTube so u can check out my channel if u are interested. ? ?this is the link to where I made the Apple cider vinegar rinse in my deep conditioning routine?

  5. Penny & Kakra Natural Hair Journey says:

    Your hair is beautiful ? and healthy. We are on our Natural Hair journey as well please let’s support each other

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