In this video I show you how I do my wash n go with natural hair products by South African brand, My Natural Hair. These products do not contain sulfates, parabens or silicones.
I received the My Natural Hair products at their launch in August.
*This video is not sponsored.

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  1. Eleanor J'adore says:

    So freakin brilliant!! I couldn’t be happier that you’re finally on YouTube Hun. So awesome, and yes, you’re a natural! ???❤️

  2. Colleen Saayman says:

    ???? awesome video.
    Can’t wait for my natural hair leave-in conditioner and curl cream to be delivered!? i need a hair-pick?

  3. chelsea engelbrecht says:

    They have a curl cream now? *i’m shook*This was brilliant. You are so fun to watch and thanks for the tips. Very informative.Looking forward to future videos.

  4. Samantha-Jane Samaai says:

    MY FRIEND!!!! Awesome!!! CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST VIDEO!!!! It was awesome! Can’t wait for the rest! See you soon boo xx

  5. Ev Bee says:

    Congrats Girl ?? Thanku for the upload, where can we find the products and how much do they cost? Your hair is so long and springy ?? #hairgoals ?❤

  6. Chantal Angelique Bessick says:

    Love your hair and your energy. Great video, I would never have guessed it’s your first. You should definitely do more videos ???

  7. Allison Watson says:

    Thank you so much Amanda for keeping our naturalistas about the cool products cos we need. This info you like an angel send from heaven we need to u you planted the seed gave water took care of it and involved In this wonder flower thank you I love this video and love this channel keep up the good work

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