Welcome to South Africa Carols Daughter
I was so excited to find out about Carols Daughter finally arriving in South Africa…in Africa as a whole. I, like many, have heard about the brand and stalked the brand page and website and watched/read many a review about Carol’s Daughter products and wanted to buy the products from America but did not want to pay high shipping and customs charges and so we coveted and wished and waited and …we finally have the products here. (if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen extracts of emails I sent Carol’s Daughter early 2014 asking if and when they would be available in SA – it just adds to my excitement)
Above: The History of Carol’s Daughter

Lisa Price is the original founder of the brand and products which gained popularity and gained love over the last 24 years (the brand has since been acquired by LÓreal in 2015). The products were started in Lisa’s kitchen and if you are a product maker/formulator/developer/brand who is just starting out with something unique, and a dream in action, you can really draw on Lisa’s story for motivation and inspiration to keep keeping on and to EVOLVE. You can read more here and watch Lisa tell it herself here. (I grew up making and concocting my own hair and skin care mixes so this resonates with me, not something I turned into something long term but something that I could easily slip right back into doing again)


                                                          Above: Some pictures of the beautiful scenery

The Carol’s Daughter Launch took place at Beechwood Gardens a hidden gem in Sandton, organised by the wonderful brand managers and communication managers and PR team at L’Oreal South Africa. A Thursday that started off cloudy and pretty chilly but bloomed into a glorious sun filled beautiful day. I love the extra twist that formed part of the program for the day – we got to help make our own lunch (o:, so appropriate for the Carol’s Daughter brand. I will let the pictures do more of the talking in this post and please do check the last picture, which formed part of the press release, for more details of the ranges available and where to find them nationwide.

 ABOVE: Everyone interacting and getting involved in making lunch using some of the ingredients used in Carol’s Daughter products and with the help from Susan Grieg.
 Above: The collections/products from Carol’s Daughter currently available
  Above: Press Release details the products, price and where to buy them.

Welcome to South Africa Carol’s Daughter. Check my next blog posts for my first impressions of some of the products.
As always listen to your hair and keep hoping and keep believing.

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