But what do you think stylists of our normal salons, the ones we are all used to, think about natural hair? I was privileged to be able to have this conversation with one such salon that has been dealing with straight hair for a long time and now some of their clients are going natural. The challenge is always, how do these salons retain such clients and how can they tailor their services to also cater for the naturals who have a tonne of do’s and don’ts on their hair? This is a conversation that every salon should be having How to take care of natural hair. Because, as much as others may try to brush it aside, more and more black women and girls are going natural and for a salon business to remain viable, naturals should be part of the target market. But how?

As for the naturals in the house, do you still prefer doing your own hair instead of going to the salon? How can you be the best client without compromising the health of your hair? If you go to the salon, please share your experience, good or bad with doing your natural hair at a salon. Would love to know.

This video will let you in on some of the thoughts that stylists have about natural hair, what can be done and the small wins we have made so far.

This video was sponsored by Head & Shoulders South Africa. A big thank you to the Head & Shoulders salon detailing team and the management and staff at Gelana Beauty Studio. It was awesome working with you.

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