ISSA DRAMATIC RED LIP – GET READY WITH ME & I chat about why I’ve been away for a little while.

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  1. Naledi Nongawuza says:

    Absolutely love the make up look Yolz you look stunning, dramatic looks great on you. I completely understand what you are talking about when it comes to keeping the balance between what your viewers want and what content you want to produce. I am also a Youtuber but people know me as a singer so I have only done Covers so far but I would love to branch out into Vlogs and lifestyle content because I have such a big personality and so much to share. Any advice on how to introduce this to my viewers and merge the two? FYI: I’m still at developing stages on my channel


    I love everything about your channel Yolz, i joined because i needed natural hair tips and i fell in love with your channel ever since.

  3. Joan Lala says:

    Hey yolz totally loving the new look……. i just want you know that i totally enjoy any video you post i literally came looking for help with my natural hair journey which i knew nothing about but i learned so much and i started watching more of the other videos which has inspired me beyond a point that i could explain you play such a good role of motivation in my life which i used to get from my mom and granny but since i have moved away from home and can’t always get that motivation you have boosted my spirit in more then just one way keep doing you i love you and and all your videos ❤?? hope you feel the love

  4. Kholiswa M says:

    ❤️since I started my channel I’ve been wanting to produce content with each and every chance I get but sni mhlongo’s video also made me realize that as much as I want to grow and produce more content I need to produce quality content so don’t have to delete my OLD videos when I have better ones. Thank you guys for opening our eyes we look up to you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️

  5. Langelihle Gumede says:

    So true hey am still new new with this YouTube channel but I wanted to touch base on such things depression and encourage individuals on how to keep going more on a spiritual sense but yes yes yes o well am trusting God to work through me by reaching to people the way he wants it let’s see how it goes Trusting God. hun

  6. Tlaki maphuruma says:

    Lol Girl, we love you because you’re yourself…. As one of your subscriber to your channel We need a sister who’s real. It’s all about what you’re influencing, even if you mess up and still talk about it … It’s ok we got you. Keep being yourself and never worry bout the following. ?????

  7. Xoliswa Suga Ndaba says:

    Oh please you’re no plain Jane with that fresh smooth skin ??? love the makeup ? definitely here for your personality and content always authentic ?

  8. Litha Nkepu says:

    You look great. Lol I must say, based on the actual conversation you were having, I am not a make-up lady so I don’t do too much of it, so your make up vids I don’t really watch I just like them and move on. Glad I actually finished this one ( lol it was more to see the final look with the hair). Atleast now I know how you feel.

  9. Ellen Msutu says:

    Absolutely loving the look, it looks so good on you. A definite inspiration! I’ve also felt that some time away is a great thing it just helps you get back into focus

  10. Mpho Sefatsane says:

    What a wow o n the hair and make up, your mood Def changed from when u started filming to the end. Love your content, so authentic. I appreciate you and your channel ??

  11. Nombulelo B Mini-Matsio says:

    Constructive Criticism – I think your hair blogs don’t get the views because you do not really do interesting hairstyles. You enjoy wearing your hair in its Afro state more than in styles. I say stay with the blogs and GRWM and Q&A because we do enjoy those

  12. Yolandah Dandala says:

    Duddde! You were actually missed ??‍♀️ Don’t know how many times I went to check for a new video ?. So glad you are ok and taking time out for your own health♥️.

    Lol by the way there is nothing wrong with masking your face, it’s still a hustle to wash it though (water all over the floor)??‍♀️?.

    Take care

  13. Khataza Mbhombhi says:

    We mask/moisturise on our neck because the neck shows signs of aging together with your chest 🙂 I recently learnt this! Thanks for the video

  14. Sluleko Mthembu says:

    Hi Yolz, i enjoyed this GRWM just to be off topic a bit i want to try out the Rimmel match perfection foundation with the blue cap. I’m so appalled that my fave likes the same brand i want to buy or use as my go to. Anyway great catching up with you??

  15. Monalisaryt Lwinga says:

    You talk about natural hair a lot , i have relaxed hair and plan to keep it that way till the end of time yet i am subbed and i enjoy watching your content you have personality and are such a ray of light also i watch to get sneak peaks of Fez lol ????whatever you create we will love Yolz, and that look sis????????

  16. Patricia Raselalome says:

    this was a great video Yolz, and we thanks Hubby for the pep talk. your content is great and real (very relatable) and we learn a lot. thanks

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