Hello loves, here are 10 reasons why your hair just keeps breaking!!

Let me know in the comments if you know of even more reasons and solutions to that!

Here are my reasons: (This list is by no means exhaustive)
1. Detangling all the time
2. Not washing hair for prolonged periods of time
3. No nourishment during a protective style
4. Overmanipulation
5. Over-moisturising
6. Skipping conditioner on wash day
7. Little to no deep conditioning
8. Not balancing moisture & protein
9. Inconsistent moisturising
10. No hair routine/regimen

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  1. Sakhy says:

    Thanks so much girl..❤❤❤ I’m a culprit of detangling everytime and anytime I see a knot. I actually didn’t even think it was a big deal until you mentioned it.

  2. andileN tau says:

    my hair is changing color . it used to black not its turning brown i dont know what is the problem . i don t want to dye it

  3. Tshegofatso Thage says:

    I have been experiencing so much breakage. I just want to know if you can suggest all the brands particularly for oils that are student budget friendly.

  4. lerato totana says:

    Hey Yolz ?☺ so when you use the egg and mayo treatment do you use them separately and put on coconut oil, or mix them all together with the coconut oil?

  5. Zethu Mbiza says:

    I need to start taking care of my hair when I have protective hairstyles on maybe it’ll start growing because yey my hair takes 600 years to grow shame. Protective hairstyle or no protective hairstyle kuyafana. Thanks for the video❤ Oh and you look beautiful.

  6. Bie Bie says:

    Hey yolz before my big chop i had shortish natural hair nd tried mayonnaise and boy did it go wrong. It got super hard & broke completely I realised immediately that I had made a big mistake. Does this have to do with my porosity what could it mean??? Back then I was clueless about 4c hair nd didn’t go back in with conditioner after all that protein. I know much better now, my natural hair journey is just over a year old and my hair is thriving. I really wanna try mayo again but I’m scared it could be fatal. Currently using the originals mayo conditioner nd my hair loves it but it runs out real quick u know nd I’m a student and mayo is just always there you know, so should i try it next time i run out???

  7. Maliako Letsapo says:

    Thank you for this video. It’s such an eye-opener. I have one question though. How often do you trim your ends? Do you do it yourself or do you get a professional to do it for you?

  8. Bie Bie says:

    my hair knots up alot at the ends and it breaks when strangling which I only do when deep conditioning. I’ve tried eggs too when I ran out but it doesn’t work as well as the originals mayo

  9. Cindy Chembeze says:

    I love all the tips, dryness is THE enemy tho.
    Sorry, whats the name of your friend, I couldn’t understand. I’m a portuguese speaker.

  10. Sinovuyo Mondliwa says:

    I love this. I used to over moisturize with product. I now use water daily and use very little product to lock in moisture. Regimen is just so so so important

  11. toocool:) says:

    What happened to the make-up video????Saw it while at work and it was on the lineup for videos to be watched on Friday night, now it’s disappeared!??. Patiently waiting, lol…lowkey NOT!:))

  12. Kopano The Blog says:

    there is so much hype around wash day and complaining about it taking all day and you’re right, it doesn’t take all day!
    Naturals are so scared of water like its the devil because they don’t want shrinkage, such a problem! Our hair needs WATER!!!
    haha Hubby’s once a week quota!!! hahaha

    Naturals love over moisturising ESPECIALLY when they do high buns and ponytails!!! it makes me cringe!
    Vele growing up conditioner was expensive, we need to learn and grow!!!

    ALL treatments are important!!! Moisture, Oil, Protein ALL OF IT!!!
    its so easy to forget about protein, its so important to balance it

    I love this, so necessary! HAIR BIBLE i tell you!!!

  13. Tumisho Mothiba says:

    I literally picked up my sprits while you were on point number 9. I have found that using a spirts works wonders for my hair even when I have on a protective style I still sprits my hair.

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